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Established in 2013, Little Actors Speech, Drama and Etiquette Academy was founded by qualified Foundation Phase teachers. Today, our creative curriculum is delivered by a group of legendary superhero teachers and is specially designed to turn any child into a confident, expressive and well-mannered shining star. If your child is a natural drama king or queen, Little Actors is an opportunity to channel their outgoing personality. Or, if your child is reserved, we can help to build their self-confidence.

Little Actors places an emphasis on edu-tainment, with fun themes and engaging educational props that ignite imagination and curiosity. For example, each Little Actor is given their own “Creative Carpet” – a space where they can head off on a magical, imaginary journey. While Mr Manners the talking animal uses exciting stories, poems, crazy songs and dancing to help improve listening and interactive social skills.

Normally, lessons are hosted weekly, either as part of a school’s curriculum, or as an extra-mural activity. Some branches also offer private classes. *Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, we now offer weekly online lessons*

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Speech, Drama & Etiquette

At Little Actors, our purpose is to fulfil the emotional and confidence-building needs of children. Our academy offers a unique, specially designed curriculum that focuses on speech, drama and etiquette for children aged 3 – 13 years old.

Whether your child is a born extrovert, or needs a little help to come out of their shell, our weekly classes can improve their general etiquette, good manners and boost their belief in their own abilities.

Builds self-confidence

Promotes Creativity

Drives self-expression

Imaginative freedom

Our happy parents, principles and actors

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Little Actors online lessons are pre-recorded weekly, so that you can watch and enjoy your lessons anytime, and anywhere.Some branches offer private Zoom classes on request.

Little Actors Online Lessons include creative themes with fun and educational props, plus special visits from our guest teachers and signature characters. 


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