Comet Lesson Pack (3-lesson bundle)

Each Comet pack contains 3 x fun filled Little Actors Holiday Club online lessons, hosted by our Uni-Queen and Miss Awesome Drama Teachers. Each edu-tainment online lesson includes our special guest characters, body movement with some dance and song, as well as drama games and interactive activities. Some lessons can make use of optional props and fancy dress from your home, as well as fun arts & crafts suggestions that can be done as a separate home activity, before the online lesson. Each online lesson can be paused and watched again later.

Virtual Holiday Club Packages

R225 per bundle

R225 per bundle

R225 per bundle

R225 per bundle

What do we need before we get started?

  1. Internet connection: You will need a stable internet connection for your online lesson viewing 
  2. Lesson Supervision: Children need to be supervised during these lessons and adults are welcome to join in the fun!
  3. Lesson Preparation – Clear Space: Please clear an open space of about 2 meters squared, to allow for free movement and dancing space.
  4. Lesson Preparation – Noise: Our lessons can have increased noise levels which include singing, dancing and movement – a note for adults working from home.
  5. Lesson Preparation – Optional Props: Some lessons have optional drama props and fancy dress suggestions, that can be a separate arts and craft activity to do at home, before your lesson.
  6. Payment: Head Office accepts PayFast and online bank transfer with your NAME + LESSON PACK as reference.

How does it work?

Step 1: CHOOSE your lesson pack of either three, six or twelve virtual lessons.

Step 2: Make PAYMENT via PayFast/bank transfer with your NAME + LESSON PACK as reference.

Step 3: SEND your proof of payment to info@littleactors.co.za.

Step 4: Once cleared, FOLLOW the email guide to Log In with your credentials provided at the My Account” tab:

littleactors.co.za > My Account > Log In

Step 5: CHECK for lesson space + optional lesson props as another activity before each lesson.

Step 6: ENJOY your lessons in the privacy of your home!

Step 7: PLAYBACK – Once purchased, you can view your lessons again later.


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