Galaxy Lesson Pack 1-12

12 students

The Galaxy Pack contains all 12 x action packed  Little Actors Holiday Club online lessons hosted by our Uni-Queen and Miss Awesome Drama Teachers. Our online edu-tainment kids drama lessons include special guest characters, body movement with dance and song, fun speech exercises, as well as interactive drama games and activities. Some lessons can make use of optional props and fancy dress from your home, as well as fun arts & crafts suggestions that can be done as a separate home activity, before each online lesson. Each online lesson can be paused and watched again later.

Lesson 1 Theme: Let’s Get Moving!

We learn about the importance of exercise & sports improvisation, with some fun movement games & songs to get our Little Actors up and MOVING! 

Lesson 2 Theme: Rockin Robots

We’re going to use our imaginations and role-play and pretend to be futuristic robots! We’re also going to talk about PERSONAL SPACE and learn some fun tongue twisters to improve our speech and word pronunciation, with a special visit from our guest character Mrs. Word! 

Lesson 3 Theme: Busy Bouncing Bunnies

We’re going to bounce around and be super silly bunny rabbits! (Note to parents / caretakers: Please make sure we have space to bounce around!). We’re also going to play some fun drama games, meet our signature friend “Jack in the box” guest character, and talk about how important it is to always eat our vegetables! 

Lesson 4 Theme: Imagine That – Tea Party!

This lesson is all about using your IMAGINATION! Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we can’t go on exciting and fun adventures! Help us throw the perfect imaginary tea party for  our friends! We’ll also talk about the importance of good manners and being polite with the special words of “please” and “thank you”.

Lesson 5 Theme: Silly Billy Copy Cats

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the SILLIEST Little Actor of them all? We’re going to play some “copy cat” games, teach some silly rhymes, and sing some fun songs! This lesson is about letting children be children with good old fashion fun!

Lesson 6 Theme: Let’s Make Music (Disclaimer: No business calls..)

*Disclaimer*Check that adults are not on a work call during this lesson time.

This lesson is about creativity through MUSIC! Let’s make some noise, Little Actors!

Lesson 7 Theme: Super Duper Super Heroes!

Anyone can be a superhero, no matter how big or small you are! In this lesson, the Little Actors online teachers tell a story about a superhero and a ballerina, and talk about some super awesome superpowers!

Lesson 8 Theme: Imagine That – Space Explorers!

This lesson is all about IMAGINATION! Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we can’t go on adventures. We’re taking a trip to outer space and we need your help!

Lesson 9: Awesome Animals

We’re going to talk about our favourite animals, and why we should always BE KIND to all of the Earth’s creatures! 

Lesson 10 Theme: Riddle Me This?

This lesson is all about riddles, funny jokes, silly rhymes, and using your BRAIN! 

Lesson 11 Theme: The Crazy Carnival

Have you ever been to a CARNIVAL or Circus? Let’s go together! We’re going to talk about our 5 SENSES and imagine that we are CARNIVAL PERFORMERS! 

Lesson 12 Theme: Deep Sea Adventures

This lesson is all about using IMAGINATION! Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we can’t go on far away exciting adventures. Let’s go to the beach, dive down deep into the ocean, and see what we can find with Miss Awesome and Uni-Queen?



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