Each lesson has a magical theme, such as “going sailing on a ship at sea” and includes fun-filled drama, etiquette and speech exercises to match.

Intriguing props such as our Mr. Manners the talking animal and Mr. Word our resident speech expert ignites the childrens' imaginations.

Each Little Actor is given their own creative carpet to use during classes, and our legendary teachers inspire creativity and imagination with their magic wands!

Lesson benefits and results:

  • Builds self-confidence and creativity in a fun filled environment
  • Enhances clarity of speech and self-expression
  • Develops social skills
  • Improves general good manners
  • Improved ability to perform and interact with an audience
  • Improved listening capabilities
  • Proven to accelerate progress in other therapies, including speech and occupational therapy

Each lesson consists of:

Exercises Benefit for your child
Mouth and Sound Exercises Improves clarity of speech and pronunciation of words
Etiquette Exercises Promotes emotional intelligence, better social skills and general good manners
Drama Activity Builds self-confidence and improves the child’s ability to communicate with an audience

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